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What is a QR Code? QR Code, or Quick Response Codes, were discovered by Denso Wave nearly thirty years ago in 1994. They were created for the purpose of easily sharing inventory data and information. QR codes were developed as an innovative way to track information. A QR code could easily be printed on anything and then subsequently scanned to relay a plethora of information.

QR codes were popular for a short time in the early 2010’s before quickly falling off the radar as an effective marketing tool; mostly due to the difficulty of use at that time. You see in the earlier 2010’s many smart phones had to download special software to implement device compatibility in order to scan a QR code. This, accompanied by lack of awareness of how to scan the codes, led to a hiatus of QR code use.

So what has changed? Why is QR code use on the rise again? And more importantly; why, and how should you be using them in your massage practice?

First and foremost, evolution of smart phone devices have made nearly all smart phones readily compatible to scan QR codes. All you have to do is point the camera screen at a QR code and it will instantly generate a link to the desired digital content. So the limitations that hindered QR code use in earlier years isn’t quite the hurdle as it use to be. Furthermore, the Covid pandemic brought about a desire to practice more hygienic social and business interactions. The personal smart phone is certainly a means to accomplish this. Therefore, the evolution of smart phones, paired with the social effects of Covid, has created a ripe environment for the QR Code to make a comeback as mobile marketing is becoming quite the prominent marketing trend.

Not only is mobile marketing trending upward as a marketing strategy, but it is cost effective and highly targeted. When a printed, digital or televised QR code is scanned, it is because the viewer chose to engage with that material. With QR codes at your finger tip, your business is able to bridge the gap between local market participants and your chosen digital marketing in mere seconds.

But how does the client view the use of QR codes? We want to make sure there isn’t a negative correlation with this type of marketplace engagement. Well, a research report published by the Internal Journal of Engineering Business Management found that that feasibility, usefulness and effectiveness are trending positively with consumer use across all adult age brackets. This bodes well for customer experience with your brand. Consumers want instant access and you can provide it with this low cost marketing strategy.

Now that we understand the usefulness of QR codes, let’s talk about six reasons you might implement them into your massage practice.

1. Local Advertisement: Connect to prospective clients in your service area by bridging the gap of print marketing to digital marketing. Use QR codes for instant transfer of information on your business cards, billboards, magazine listings, service brochures, business signs, yard signs, window stickers or car magnet/window advertising. Connect local prospective clients to your business web site, funnel them to an online questionnaire, or better yet, take them straight to your booking portal!! (Just be sure to have a mobile friendly site). Using QR codes in this fashion will engage new clients to interact with your brand and they will appreciate the quick relay of information, thus promoting customer satisfaction from the very beginning of their experience.

2. Hygienic Operations (A Touch Free Option): QR codes offer a hygienic way to share and store information. Small business doesn’t just print for marketing. There are a number of areas in operations that utilize printed material where a QR code can be very useful as well. For instance; a QR code may link to a portal for electronically stored intake forms, SOAP Notes, or personalized electronic client loyalty cards. Clients in the waiting room may be able to scan a QR code labeled “find our Wi-Fi login information here”. Venmo and PayPal offer ways to get paid touch free, by scanning QR codes connected to your bank accounts. The impact of Covid has people wanting to engage in business materials without the desire to touch and the QR code offers a convenient solution.

3. Cost Savings and Eco Friendly: One step closer to going paperless. An added bonus is that it will cut cost on much of your print marketing. Think of all the trees you are saving, and the space you are saving! You no longer need to print a long list of contact information, location or slogans in your advertisement. The print space can be reduced by incorporating use of the QR Code. No more fiddling with stacks of service menus when it can be uploaded from a QR code posted at the front desk; or better yet on a store facing window sticker were passing by foot traffic is invited to take a peek at your services. No more mass printing, or RE-printing any time there is change in services, cost, staff, contact information or location.

4. Gain Customer Loyalty: Having a dedicated thank you card with a QR code linking straight to your reviews makes it easier for your client to engage in the review process. This creates loyalty and recognition. It will likely assist in keeping current clients coming back because once they have recorded a well written review it will affirm their positive relationship with the therapist. Furthermore, customer satisfaction fosters loyalty and repurchase intention. More reviews will elevate your online presence and drive more traffic to your digital website. Inviting clients to leave a review will likely create positive trending word of mouth and ultimately improve profitability as well.

5. Track Discounts and Promos: QR codes are easier to manage than the old print coupon. Coupon QR codes can be added to a mobile wallet with ease. Furthermore, you can track your marketing efforts using QR coupon software that monitor analytics to give you valuable information on what is or is not working. This method of offering discounts will help you fine tune best practices for discount marketing.

6. Industry Awareness: Finally, connect and educate people interested in the topic of massage. Share blogs, research, social media videos, details about social functions, group events, pop-up events or any other type of industry related topic. This is a convenient way to relay in depth content as a way to invite customers to further engage with your brand.

But how do you create QR codes for implementation into your business strategy? Easy!

Nowadays, big name companies are making it easier than ever to utilize QR code in your marketing campaigns or operations. Vista Print offers a free QR Code generator in their online print services as do many other online print services. There are at least ten different QR code generating services you can use online, many of which customize color, gradient and design. QR Stuff, QRCode Monkey and QRTIGER are just a few. You can even incorporate logos, stickers and shapes in the newest style of QR Code.

So what are you waiting for? Start using QR Codes in your Massage Business today.

About the Author

Amy Moll is the owner of Tranquil Escape Massage. She is an NCBTMB-approved provider of continuing education and a member of AMTA. You can find her business on Facebook or visit her website at . She practices massage therapy (GA license MT008133) in Dalton, GA.


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