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Corporate Events & Mobile Massage 

Serving Whitfield and Murray Counties

Corporate Services

Corporate Services/Events. Chair massage is a great way to retain employee satisfaction!


How it works:  The Employer is to provide a room or dedicated space onsite.  Allow employees to sign up in advance for a designated 10 minute time slot to receive chair massage.  E-mail the final roster to employees with instructions to arrive at a predesignated location on time. 


This is a premium service with a minimum purchase price of $300.  Cost for mobile massage at a corporate location is  provided at $2 per minute and is available for 2.5 to 3 hour time slots.


  $2/minute x 3hrs =$360

(18 ppl/10min each)

(36 ppl/5min each)

$2/minute x 2.5 hours = $300

(15 ppl/10 min minutes)

(30 ppl/5 minutes each)


You may choose to reserve services on consecutive days to accommodate your choice number of employees.  This service requires advance booking and MUST be verified with a phone consultation.  

Spa Bed

Mobile Massage

Serving Whitfield and Murray Counties.


Mobile massage is a premium service. Minimum booking time of 3 hrs at $100/hr. This can be two 90 minute massages, three one hour massages or more.


This service is intended to be booked in advance and REQUIRES confirmation over the phone. For therapist safety, we will require a picture ID with address matching the location & a deposit.

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