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Tranquil Escape Massage is located in Suite Three of The Refinery Hair Salon.  The Refinery is a large space, boasting six salon chairs, two aesthetic spa suites, one massage spa suite, a boutique area and a special event space.  Tranquil Escape Massage, LLC partners with occupants of the adjacent suites in order to provide the total luxury spa experience. 

Tranquil Escape Massage offers a serene spa atmosphere.  You will feel light as a feather on our triple padded, heated massage table.  Float away in bliss while listening to spa instrumental music layered with white noise in an insulated spa suite.   


Compliment  your massage with a wide array of facial, hair or lash services such as:  beginner facials, teen facials, hydro facials, ageless facial, rejuvenating facial, waxing, back treatments, acne detox, chakra spiritual facials and chemical peels.  Hair services offered on location include haircuts, one color, root touch-up, highlights, lowlights, balyage, toners, smoothing treatments, perms, deep conditioning treatment, blowouts, special occasion styles. 

Lash services include Lash tint, lash lift, lash extensions & brow lamination. 


Please refer to The Refinery Website to see additional services offered by affiliate partners.  

Deep tissue massage is one of our specialties at Tranquil Escape Massage.  If you have aches, pains or rheumatoid arthritis consider Deep Tissue Massage.  We offer the best Deep Tissue Massage Dalton has to offer.   Hot Stone Massage can assist a Massage Therapist in applying greater pressure using the hard stone surface as the heat eases tension in your muscles.  Deep Tissue Massage work is typically applied more heavily in the back region where stress and tension create knots to work out.  A Deep Tissue Back Massage will work wonders to alleviate tension. Many of our clients report that Deep Tissue Massage Therapy cures tension headaches.     A Back and Shoulder Massage will also address stress in the neck and occipital area at the base of the neck.    Calm you mind and body with the best Massage Dalton can offer.  Our Massage Therapist is trained in deep tissue massage technique using Shiatsu pressure point therapy. 


Swedish Massage is one of the most relaxing massage techniques there is.  Using gliding strokes and sweeping motions of the hand or forearm, Swedish massage sets the standard for a relaxing massage experience.  We recommend pairing a Swedish Massage with an indulgent add on such as Swedish Massage plus Foot Reflexology, Swedish Massage plus Head and shoulder Massage, Swedish Massage plus Head and Neck Massage, or Swedish Massage plus a body polish.

Studies show that massage therapy can help offer relief from insomnia, sports injuries, muscle aches, tension headaches, rheumatoid arthritis and depression.  Providing comfort to those who lack physical touch or have experienced physical abuse or trauma, massage is a physical touch therapy to help people cope with trauma.  Not only does massage have mental health benefits but it is shown to physically improve blood circulation, (which is particularly helpful in foot reflexology for diabetics).  Hot stone massage or steam towel massage increase blood circulation through application of external heat while massage also assists in remove waste and toxins through lymphatic drainage.  Massage promotes blood flow to muscle tissue, thereby reducing recovery time from injuries.  Energy and tensions are balanced in the body by addressing tight areas with massage.  The connective tissue or fascia in our bodies often restricts muscle movement and massage relieves that tension in connective tissue allowing for greater range of motion as well.  

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