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Licensed as a massage Therapist in 2011, Amy Moll has worked in a variety of spa settings and fulfilled diverse occupational roles in the industry over the years; such as spa concierge, mobile massage therapist, self employed and staff therapist. I have worked in spas, chiropractic offices, inside client homes of rural GA and in world class rated spas in Hawaii.  At the end of the day, its all about serving the clients needs. 

Amy Bright Moll

Licensed Massage Therapist

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Amy is a proud provider of continuing education as approved through National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work as well as an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  See credentials above. 

Currently offering continuing education courese at the Massage Institute of Clevelend, located in Cleveland, TN.  Please see the link below to meet the staff or to learn more about how to enroll in a CE course.

"As a massage therapist, I love what I do.  I enjoy making people feel their best; from helping clients alleviate pain to celebrating special occasions.   I want you to leave your session feeling better too."   -Amy  

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Our foot treatments and scalp massages are part of our indulgent add on packages.  I will explain a little more how Shiatsu Massage and Reiki are used in our spa and body treatments.

Reiki  are energy work and are typically done around the cranial area.  I like to offer Reiki energy work in conjunction with head and shoulder massage.  Head and shoulder massage is very popular and is otherwise known as scalp massage in our service menu.  You can get am express massage adding head and shoulder massage or neck and shoulder massage. 


Shiatsu is a pressure point massage technique that we apply in our foot reflexology massage.  I recommend pairing two indulgent add on's such as foot massage or foot reflexology massage with head and shoulders massage.  Sports massage with foot massage aka foot reflexology.  Foot reflexology is very soothing and our therapist enjoys doing foot massage using foot reflexology techniques.  


We also offer Sports Massage at our spa.  Sports massage is a variation of therapeutic massage that focuses on a body area or group of muscles in a fast pace massage technique that enhances muscle healing and relieves strain through passive muscle stimulation of massage therapy.  Similar to using passive stretching and resistance training to assist muscle activation and help alleviate frozen shoulder syndromes.  If you get sore muscles from your sports related activities, consider coming in for a sports massage and foot reflexology combination.  Foot reflexology has been shown to help with diabetic issues as well.  Foot reflexology can be paired with almost and sports massage, body treatment or head and shoulder massage.

Lymphatic massage is a light massage therapy that helps move toxins through the lymphatic system assisting in lymphatic drainage and is the best massage for after surgeries or undergoing cancer treatments.  myofascial release helps to loosen fascia or the connective tissue over the muscles.  Breaking p scar tissue and adhesion in the fascia promotes muscle relaxation

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At Tranquil Escape Massage we are passionate about treating mind, body and soul.


Tranquil Escape massage strives to focus on mind and body treatments that are good for overall health and well being.  Our main focus is stress management.  One of the greatest benefits of massage is the profound affect on the autonomic nervous system.  Massage directly affects the parasympathetic nervous system, (that promotes relaxation), therefore making it a superb treatment for parasympathetic issues: both physically and mentally. 

In a current society where many careers are driven by stress induced motivators, it seems ailments such as adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, and anxiety are ever present in society at large. With stress constantly in overdrive, we are flooded with cortisol stress hormone wreaking havoc on the body’s organs and we literally seem to forget how to relax.  Retrain your brain to dwell in a restful state of mind with one of our tailored wellness massages. 

All of our spa massage services promote stress reduction through relaxation.  We offer Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Steam Towel Massage, Wellness Massage, CBD Infused Massage, Prenatal Massage, Express Massage, Body Scrubs and Various Massage Add On’s. 

Visit the services page to get a more in depth description of each massage and body treatment.

Studies have shown medical benefits of massage therapy including mental health and physical health benefits.  Our various massage techniques increase blood flow and circulation to soft tissue and therefore help speed recovery of soft tissue injuries. With a therapeutic massage, one of our professional massage therapists will apply the appropriate massage techniques, such as deep tissue massage or trigger point therapy to help ease tension in the muscles, bring blood flow to the area and promote deep relaxation.  Our trained professionals will use all they know about massage therapy and stay in communication with the client to to ensure you get what you need from your massage therapy session at Tranquil Escape Massage.


While trigger point therapy and deep tissue are good for physical health benefits, a softer massage stroke may be applied  to assist in mental health benefits and promote relaxation for optimum mental health benefits.  Our most popular massage service, the Swedish Massage, uses classic Swedish strokes to relieve stress and and promote relaxation.  Our full body Swedish Massage techniques improve overall health and wellness.  Come chat with us and let our trained full time massage professional suggest the appropriate Swedish Massage therapy or deep tissue massage therapy technique to cure your stress or soft tissue related issue.


Tranquil Escape offers a full service  luxury experience as one of the best spas Dalton GA has to offer.  We are a wellness day spa and strive to frequently offer spa deals on our spa treatments.  Additional spa deals offered on location may include packages of beauty and hair services, skin care services, facial massage or stone massage.  Our full time massage therapist will offer the most luxury treatments as compared to any resort or spa in Atlanta and our aesthetics and hair cosmetologist experts on site frequently have specials to add to your massage experience. 

Here at Tranquil Escape Massage, we offer the best Massage Dalton hes to offer.  The best Swedish massage Dalton has to offer, the best Therapeutic Massage Dalton has to offer, the best CBD Massage Dalton has to offer, the best Wellness Massage Dalton has to offer and the best body treatments all offered by our licensed Massage Therapist Amy.  Amy boast over ten years experience in the Spa and  Massage industry; she has been a Massage Therapist since 2011.  Meet our Massage Therapist and learn more about her on our 'meet our massage therapist' page.  If you are looking to alleviate sore achy muscles, we recommend a Therapeutic Massage in Dalton GA at our Tranquil Escape Massage location.  If you have insomnia or anxiety, we recommend getting a Swedish Massage in Dalton GA at our Tranquil Escape Massage location off E Walnut Ave offering the best Massage Dalton GA can provide.  Our main focus here is all about   massage, massage, massage.  Set in a spa setting you can relax and unwind in a serene atmosphere with deeply relaxing treatments.  


Reflexology can alleviate aches and pains in many areas of the body.  Reflexology is a special focus of massage on the feet that helps cure or alleviate insomnia, arthritis, .  Reduce stress and revitalize energy through pressure point therapy in a reflexology technique.  your whole body will feel rejuvenated as your energy is balanced after a reflexology massage treatment. Do you suffer from sciatica, menopause, backaches, headaches, stress or fatigue?  Try adding a hot stone treatment or a reflexology add on treatment.  Gentle pressure using hot stones to glide across targeted areas of the body will enhance relaxation as heat melts away your stress. Heat from the hot stone application will relax the muscles, relieving muscle tension while improving muscle tone thus  allowing deeper pressure in a Therapeutic Massage treatment.      

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